02 March, 2014

To Heart - WooKey

Heyyoo! let me show Jungyeop sajangnim swaggg!! ehh sesat pulak Jungyeop sajangnim. HHAHA! =_=
yeah. Last night woohyun subunit with Key (shinee) prologue out again. Actually i really love their friendship. TOTALLY LOVE IT. but it because of mergy thingy woolim with SM i don't like it. ehh. it's not mean i don't like their friendship. i just a little not like their subunit.
yeah. but as inspirit and woohyun stan i should support him.
Reason that i don't like when woohyun in this subunit is
sm stan and shawol(shinee's fans) maybe will bash woohyun and woolim.

last night key update his insta and post his pic with woohyun and his caption is ' BFF'
then some fans comment 'WHY WOOHYUN? HATE IT' 'WHY NOT JONGHYUN?'
See!! my woohyun were bashed from others. TT__TT.
eventhough i support this subunit but i prefer Woogyu. awww. Woohyun and sunggyu!
/sigh/ idk what to say anymore. what is important that i must support him no matter what happen. Inspirit will support him and INFINITE. NAM WOOHYUN! SARANGHAE!

Suke?like ler.kalau rajin komen sekali yaw.^^.

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